[Carlos Aguilera]: Diving

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: 3 Scuba Diving Complications and How to Avoid Them

Scuba diving is a great, relaxing and amazing water sport that, as many others, can expose you to some dangerous underwater accidents. First of all, you need to consider that you can be injured if your body is not in the proper conditions and able to adjust to the increasing and decreasing pressure of the water as you breathe compressed air. Pressure changes also can cause damage when you descend into the water and come back up. This practice’s injuries may be mild, however, some of them can cause severe problems and in the worst case, death. But, don’t worry, […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Routines

[Carlos Aguilera]: 4 Things about Synchronized Swimming You Didn’t Know

Synchronized swimming is a beautiful an attractive water sport that combines dance, gymnastics and swimming. This sport has some modalities: solos, duets, trios, combos or teams, which present a synchronized routine made up by artistic moves accompanied by music. As every other water sport, synchronized swimming has its fun facts, curious and interesting curiosities that can result very attractive to general public; because we know you enjoy knowing more about amazing water sports, we brought a list of 4 facts about this sport you will like to discover. Never to the bottom During the performances of synchronized swimming the pool bottom […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Surfing Skills

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: Learn How to Master Your Surfing Skills

Having that sensation you experiment when catching that perfect wave is not easy, it can even take the whole day just waiting for the right moment to surf like a pro. Even though it could be a little frustrating sometimes, surf is a water sport that can really give you the most amazing satisfactions of your life. For this reason, today we brought 4 easy and basic tips for you to learn how to master your surfing skills and have the most incredible experiences on your surfboard. Keep reading and know more. Don’t be too analytic Analyzing every detail of […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: What you have to know about Scuba Diving

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: Tips, Tricks and Suggestions about Scuba Diving

There is always time to learn or even to review what we know about scuba diving, from the fantastic historical aspects of this amazing water sport to the most basic and helpful tips to develop our diving experience. Today, we want to show you valuable information, tips, advices and suggestions to have great scuba diving moments! Keep reading and know more. Learning the right breathing techniques to practice scuba diving takes its time and practice. If not doing correctly, your body can experience some problems. One of those underwater accidents is the nitrogen narcosis; basically, it is not dangerous in […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Water sport

[Carlos Aguilera]: What Should I Use? Three Things You Need for Water Sports

Water sports are great options for those people with adventurous spirit; however, none of them can be practiced in a more formal way if you don’t count with the necessary equipment and gear for great experience. Today, we brought three things you should start purchasing right know to let your water sports adventures. Keep reading and know more. Accessories for water Some wearables such as sunglasses and footwear can help keep you in every moment and sport you practice on and off the water, as well as providing you the water sport lifestyle look. Also, for those who practice riding, […]

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