[Carlos Aguilera]: Diving

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: 3 Scuba Diving Complications and How to Avoid Them

Scuba diving is a great, relaxing and amazing water sport that, as many others, can expose you to some dangerous underwater accidents. First of all, you need to consider that you can be injured if your body is not in the proper conditions and able to adjust to the increasing and decreasing pressure of the water as you breathe compressed air. Pressure changes also can cause damage when you descend into the water and come back up. This practice’s injuries may be mild, however, some of them can cause severe problems and in the worst case, death. But, don’t worry, […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: What you have to know about Scuba Diving

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: Tips, Tricks and Suggestions about Scuba Diving

There is always time to learn or even to review what we know about scuba diving, from the fantastic historical aspects of this amazing water sport to the most basic and helpful tips to develop our diving experience. Today, we want to show you valuable information, tips, advices and suggestions to have great scuba diving moments! Keep reading and know more. Learning the right breathing techniques to practice scuba diving takes its time and practice. If not doing correctly, your body can experience some problems. One of those underwater accidents is the nitrogen narcosis; basically, it is not dangerous in […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Scuba diving for beginners. 7 Easy Steps

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: Easy Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Now that you have decided to practice this amazing water sport, it is good to know that some sensations that may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning are normal and once you overcome your vertigo sensations and a little possible claustrophobia, the scuba diving experience results more and more peaceful and amazing every time. Today, we gathered 7 basic tips for beginners in the scuba diving practice to consider during your first dives. Keep reading and be ready for your first dive! Make a little previous research. Knowing what scuba diving actually is will help a lot. Study what […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Benefits for your body, mind and spirit

[Carlos Aguilera]: Water Sports for your Health: The Benefits of Scuba Diving

No matter if you are an expert or just a beginner in scuba diving with deep interest in exploring the fascinating underwater world, scuba diving can provide numerous benefits for you. If you want to know the great things to your life and health this water sport brings, continue reading our today’s post about the amazing benefits of scuba diving. Be strong and flexible The effort your muscles do underwater as you move against the resistance of the current and the water itself provides power to your body. With this, you strengthen your muscles as well as develop your flexibility and […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Scuba diving tanks

[Carlos Aguilera]: Everything You Should Know About Diving Tanks

Scuba diving is one of the favorite water sports for those adventurous and curious explorers around the world. There are thousands of diving spots and so many things to discover underwater that the time and money seem to be not enough. However, all those beauties that the world offers could be not so enjoyable if divers don’t count with the proper equipment. For this reason, today we brought some really interesting information about tanks for you to know which type is the most adequate for you and your needs. Keep reading and see Everything You Should Know About Diving Tanks. […]

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