[Carlos Aguilera]: Scuba diving for beginners. 7 Easy Steps

IMPORTANT! [Carlos Aguilera]: Easy Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Now that you have decided to practice this amazing water sport, it is good to know that some sensations that may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning are normal and once you overcome your vertigo sensations and a little possible claustrophobia, the scuba diving experience results more and more peaceful and amazing every time. Today, we gathered 7 basic tips for beginners in the scuba diving practice to consider during your first dives. Keep reading and be ready for your first dive! Make a little previous research. Knowing what scuba diving actually is will help a lot. Study what […]

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[Carlos Aguilera]: Stingray City

[Carlos Aguilera]: Visiting the Caribbean Underwater: 3 Great Diving Spots to Explore

Today, the invitation is to go into the depths of the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, where remarkable treasures are waiting for your visit. The Caribbean has a world-renowned scuba diving culture and hundreds of diving spots you cannot miss if you consider yourself a scuba diving lover. This place is known for its colorful beauty and vast marine life that will amaze every visitor. In the Caribbean, the paradise will be extended beyond the shores today with these three Great Diving Spots to Explore. Don’t miss any of them! Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Grand Cayman is located […]

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Carlos Aguilera: Underwater movies

IMPORTANT! Scuba Diving in the Big Screen: 4 Recommendations for Diving Lovers

You like scuba diving, but you just don’t know how to swim? Or you are too lazy? Is the water too cold in your country? Scuba diving may not be your thing; however, all the wonders underwater take your breath away every time you see them on the TV. For those people who weren’t born to be successful divers, we brought today a list of 4 great movies that show scuba diving as part of their drama. Keep reading and be part of the underwater adventures in the comfort of your sofa. The Big Blue (1988) Jean Reno and Jean-Marc […]

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Carlos Aguilera: How to breath underwater

IMPORTANT! How to Maximize your Breathing Technique Underwater (Part I)

Although some scuba diving instructors tell their students to take normal breath while underwater, the reality is that there are some techniques that you should consider in order to waste less energy and air when exploring the world under the water. Obviously, people should breath underwater from air sources, but what should be the frequency and/or duration of each inhale and exhale while scuba diving? Breathing on land is not the same underwater, the energy we need is different, so the tips and techniques should be learnt and practiced in order to have the best and safe experience. Keep reading and […]

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Carlos Aguilera: The best places to swim and snorkeling

Carlos Aguilera: Discover the World’s Best Spots for Swimming and Snorkeling (Part II)

If you love the ocean, this is probably the post you wanted to read. Today, we bring the second part of our series “Discover the World’s Best Spots for Swimming and Snorkeling” that will take you to the best spots for swimming and snorkeling in the world. Do not miss any of them, try to visit those beautiful places and fill your life of great experience underwater. It’s time to start the underwater adventure! Aigua Xellida, Spain This wonderful marine paradise is a little hard to find; however, you can be sure that every local knows the place and will be […]

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