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[Carlos Aguilera]: 4 Things about Synchronized Swimming You Didn’t Know

Synchronized swimming is a beautiful an attractive water sport that combines dance, gymnastics and swimming. This sport has some modalities: solos, duets, trios, combos or teams, which present a synchronized routine made up by artistic moves accompanied by music. As every other water sport, synchronized swimming has its fun facts, curious and interesting curiosities that can result very attractive to general public; because we know you enjoy knowing more about amazing water sports, we brought a list of 4 facts about this sport you will like to discover. Never to the bottom During the performances of synchronized swimming the pool bottom […]

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Carlos Aguilera: The best places to swim and snorkeling

Carlos Aguilera: Discover the World’s Best Spots for Swimming and Snorkeling (Part II)

If you love the ocean, this is probably the post you wanted to read. Today, we bring the second part of our series “Discover the World’s Best Spots for Swimming and Snorkeling” that will take you to the best spots for swimming and snorkeling in the world. Do not miss any of them, try to visit those beautiful places and fill your life of great experience underwater. It’s time to start the underwater adventure! Aigua Xellida, Spain This wonderful marine paradise is a little hard to find; however, you can be sure that every local knows the place and will be […]

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Carlos Aguilera - Water esports

Carlos Aguilera – Water Sports Gear You Need to Have

Today’s post concentrates everything you need to have  the best and most amazing water sport experience. This article includes a general description of those tools and equipment every adventure soul needs to star unforgettable and safe water sport practices. Read to the end and take note of the recommendation of Carlos Aguilera and all the new “toys” for your next purchase. Vests of life jackets This is considered one of the most important things any water adventure person should have. A fitted vest with good flotation can keep your life safe from drowning during your extreme practices. This will also help shield your torso from violent crashes during the action; this […]

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Carlos Aguilera - Syncronized Swimming Chinese Team

Carlos Aguilera – Beauty into the Water: 5 Facts about Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a water sport that may be considered as a combination of dance, gymnastics and swimming. This sport can be performed by solos, duets, trios, combos or teams, which present a beautiful and attractive synchronized routine made up by artistic moves accompanied by music. As every other sport, synchronized swimming has its fun, curious and interesting facts that can result very attractive; for this reason, Carlos Aguilera brings you a list of 5 facts about this sport that you may like to know. Never touch the bottom During the performances of synchronized swimming, the pool bottom is off-limits. Swimmers have to “tread” on the water, or push it, in constant moves in order to free […]

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Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas

Water Sport Prevention

Learning water sports could be exciting and look very fun. You rather look for preventive tips first before you try to go to the beach. Know the deepness of your risks You maybe don’t know how deep is the beach you are practicing in. If you want to practice surf or diving, you should know if there are wild animals around as well, sometimes, sharks could get very close to you even without noticing that. It will be necessary that you learn about the beach you are going to go because that way at least you will be sure enough of […]

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